Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Monique and Jeff's Cake Pop Wedding Cake

This was a VERY exciting cake for me!  I had promised my friend Monique over a year ago that I'd make her cake, LONG before I really got into this.  So, really, she's the reason why I got into cakes.  I made her and her fiance cake pops one day, and he loved them, so the idea of having a cake pop wedding cake was thought up.  
 Ta-da!!  What a crazy cake!  But I think it turned out pretty awesome!  The bottom 3 tiers were styrofoam dummies covered in fondant.  I drilled holes in the middle 2 for the cake pops (the husband's drill got totally caked up with fondant, oops!)
I dreamed this up a few days before so people would know which kind was which!

 The cake on top was real, for the cake cutting.
 Monique and I :)
 Beautiful Monique and her handsome hubby.

 The special bride and groom cake pops!

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  1. Your cake looks amazing! Do you remember about how many cake pops fit on each cake dummy and what sizes they were? Thanks!


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