Prices, Cake sizes and servings


Servings are approximate only. 

For sizing and cutting guide, please see this page:

For a round cake, size refers to diameter.  For square and rectangle cakes, size refers to length of each side.  Servings for square are based on a 2 inch x 2 inch slice (5cm x 5cm).

One Tier Cakes (marshmallow fondant or buttercream with filling of your choice): 

All cakes start at $50. Prices depend on how detailed you want them & how much time is required to make them!  Please email me for a quote or message me on my Facebook page. *I require a 50% deposit for all cakes at time of booking.
Round cakes                          Servings (approx)
6 "                                                6-8
8 "                                               12-14
10 "                                              18-22
12 "                                               28-32
14"                                              36-48

Square cakes
6 "                                                  9
8 "                                                 16
10 "                                               25

12 "                                               36
14"                                                49 

9x13"                                              24

3D character or animal cakes: email for quote

Cupcakes: $2.50+ (depending on how detailed you want them)
Mini Cupcakes: $1+ each
Cake Pops: $2+ (ex. shapes other than round) may be more - please inquire!

*minimum 1 dozen for all cupcakes, mini cupcakes and cake pops

Please email me for quotes on multiple tiered cakes or wedding cakes.

*I require a 50% deposit at the time of booking!